All About Chinese Dumplings

Have you heard about “Jiao Zi” which many American people known as pot stickers, steam dumplings or even gyoza. To the Chinese, dumplings not only mean food but it’s a traditional cultural. Eating dumpling on special occasion will bring people luck and express people’s aspiration for a better life.

  • How Chinese dumplings later spread as the food that must be eaten during festivals and special events.
  1. Chinese dumplings are mostly made during the wintertime because of the Chinese Spring Festival (New Year) because people felt warm when eating the fresh boiled dumplings and the special taste to it made people loved it even more.
  2. Chinese dumplings are a must especially in Northern part of China. People also eat dumplings not only during spring festival time but also during New Years, midwinter day but are also eaten during married days or baby shower events.

  • Many different meanings and symbols of enjoying Chinese Dumplings
  1. Making Chinese dumplings bring the family together into a happy atmosphere; having chats while making dumplings and enjoying a nice reunion family time, could understand it as family bounding over making dumplings.
  2. The dumpling itself shape the way it does also have a symbol for ingot, which was the currency, used in old time China meaning ‘luck and fortune’.

  • Do you want to know what Chinese dumplings really mean to the Chinese?
  1. To the Chinese, dumplings are both food and cultural tradition; eating dumplings on special occasion of New Year represent making wished and expression of good luck in a unique way.
  2. It means a happy and warm atmosphere to them, talking to family member that they haven’t seen in a long time, making dumplings takes a lot of work and that’s where team work comes in.


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