Checklist for LinkedIn

Summer time is a great opportunity to go out and explore and find yourself a fun internship! Having a LinkedIn account will be helpful in building more connections and experiences.

Everyone probably either heard of LinkedIn or already have your account? But have you wondered how to make your LinkedIn account stand out? Well… Keep reading.

  • LinkedIn profile picture

-the profile picture should be in similar standards as our ID picture, it is recommended to wear a nice shirt with a meaningful smile.

  • Headline

Headline should include the current job and major, and even the job that you are currently looking for

  • Summary Section

Should be in length of 3-4 sentences, it should include keywords or phrases that highlight your best skills, past work history, and let people know your future aspiration

  • Work Experiences

In this section, list past job experiences that we held, and the accomplishment for each of the job (for example, sales number);

  • Organizations

In this section should consist of any clubs at school or outside of school, also to describe your roll in these organizations.

  • Education

Be sure to start with college and then list all the other educational experiences you had including summer programs.

  • Volunteer Experiences and Causes

This section might not seem as important, but many admissions officers and employers looks at this section and it means just as important as a paid work experiences that you held.

  • Skills and Expertise

Add skills that you hold; it is recommended to order the skills from the most relevant to least relevant, also don’t forget to congrats others on your profile for their birthdays and goals.

  • Recommendation

These recommendations should come from people you know that are also familiar with your working skills, such as managers, professors or even classmates. This section is quite important, because it gives extraordinary integrity to your skills and strengths.



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