Foreign Film Suggestion-Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons

Maybe you are tired of watching those same HBO or Netflix movies for this summer? So, why not try something new? Something completely different, like a famous foreign film?

Background of the movie:

The Movie “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demon” is a comedy fantasy film that was co-written, produced and directed in China. This movie’s main character has re-interpreted from an original Chinese novel that was later made into series of movie called the “Journey to the West”. 

Main Characters and their relationship:

  • Sanzang and Duan are both demon hunters but they have their own ways of capturing these demons. Sanzang want to use more of a softer approach such as using his nursery rhymes to bring out the goodness out of these demons but Duan tends to use tactics that are more straightforward and uses her bracelet that contains different powers to fight these demons to capture them.

  • Later on in the movie, Sanzang and Duan have to work together as a team to kill this “pig demon” and they experienced building collapses, and from this experience Duan saw how kind and selfless Sanzang could be and wishes to be his other half but Sanzang refuses and ran away.
  • The relationship Sanzang and Duan presented are representing a romantic relationship. And in the end after Sanzang finally realized how sorry and stubborn he was, but it was all too late since Duan was no longer there.



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