Must Try Starbucks Summer Secret Drinks

With summer peaking its head into our lives, not only will we need to prepare for an adventurous and relaxing summer! Additionally! we need to try these DELISH Starbucks summer drinks to cool us down…


  • Sweet N’ Sour Summer Splashes

-Choose from Berry Hibiscus or Cool Lime Refresher flavors OR mix these two flavors.

-It’s mixed with lemonade instead of water then blended into a Frappuccino.

-A great simple, cool looking summer refresher drink~~

*P.S. Make these cold ice drinks into slushies if needed!


  • The Purple Drink

-Most of us have probably either heard or tried the pink drink last summer, how about the purple drink for summer 2017?

-It contains passion iced tea as its main component mixing it with soy milk with a splash of vanilla syrup and then top it off with some good lookin berries.

*P.S. Ask your barista to mix the Pink Drink and the Purple Drink together to get the ombré iced beverage look!


  • Raspberry Caramel Macchiato

If you love the regular Caramel Macchiato then you should give this colorful drink a try!

The only substance that’s changed was the syrup in the drink. Instead of the basic vanilla syrup found on the bottom of the drink, its raspberry syrup! So, not a big change to adapt!

This tiny change in syrup will not only give the drink a completely different look but also a completely different flavor as well.


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