All About Chinese Dumplings

Have you heard about “Jiao Zi” which many American people known as pot stickers, steam dumplings or even gyoza. To the Chinese, dumplings not only mean food but it’s a traditional cultural. Eating dumpling on special occasion will bring people luck and express people’s aspiration for a better life.

  • How Chinese dumplings later spread as the food that must be eaten during festivals and special events.
  1. Chinese dumplings are mostly made during the wintertime because of the Chinese Spring Festival (New Year) because people felt warm when eating the fresh boiled dumplings and the special taste to it made people loved it even more.
  2. Chinese dumplings are a must especially in Northern part of China. People also eat dumplings not only during spring festival time but also during New Years, midwinter day but are also eaten during married days or baby shower events.

  • Many different meanings and symbols of enjoying Chinese Dumplings
  1. Making Chinese dumplings bring the family together into a happy atmosphere; having chats while making dumplings and enjoying a nice reunion family time, could understand it as family bounding over making dumplings.
  2. The dumpling itself shape the way it does also have a symbol for ingot, which was the currency, used in old time China meaning ‘luck and fortune’.

  • Do you want to know what Chinese dumplings really mean to the Chinese?
  1. To the Chinese, dumplings are both food and cultural tradition; eating dumplings on special occasion of New Year represent making wished and expression of good luck in a unique way.
  2. It means a happy and warm atmosphere to them, talking to family member that they haven’t seen in a long time, making dumplings takes a lot of work and that’s where team work comes in.


Checklist for LinkedIn

Summer time is a great opportunity to go out and explore and find yourself a fun internship! Having a LinkedIn account will be helpful in building more connections and experiences.

Everyone probably either heard of LinkedIn or already have your account? But have you wondered how to make your LinkedIn account stand out? Well… Keep reading.

  • LinkedIn profile picture

-the profile picture should be in similar standards as our ID picture, it is recommended to wear a nice shirt with a meaningful smile.

  • Headline

Headline should include the current job and major, and even the job that you are currently looking for

  • Summary Section

Should be in length of 3-4 sentences, it should include keywords or phrases that highlight your best skills, past work history, and let people know your future aspiration

  • Work Experiences

In this section, list past job experiences that we held, and the accomplishment for each of the job (for example, sales number);

  • Organizations

In this section should consist of any clubs at school or outside of school, also to describe your roll in these organizations.

  • Education

Be sure to start with college and then list all the other educational experiences you had including summer programs.

  • Volunteer Experiences and Causes

This section might not seem as important, but many admissions officers and employers looks at this section and it means just as important as a paid work experiences that you held.

  • Skills and Expertise

Add skills that you hold; it is recommended to order the skills from the most relevant to least relevant, also don’t forget to congrats others on your profile for their birthdays and goals.

  • Recommendation

These recommendations should come from people you know that are also familiar with your working skills, such as managers, professors or even classmates. This section is quite important, because it gives extraordinary integrity to your skills and strengths.


Oh. It’s Sushi…

Four years ago, a friend asked me to get sushi with her, at that time, I did not know what I was getting myself into with what-so-called “sushi”. On that day, I only ordered a plate of fried rice, because the thought of sushi was intimidating to me.

Four years later, after working at two Japanese sushi restaurants as a server and exploring some top sushi restaurant in Louisville, I’m here to reveal all these secrets behind sushi.

  • Japanese Sushi Rolls VS Korean Sushi Rolls

-Japanese sushi use sushi rice which contains rice vinegar, sugar and salt.

-Japanese style sushi has seaweed rolled inside.

-Korean sushi use sushi rice only seasoned in salt and sesame oil.

-Korean style sushi has seaweed out roll.

  • Nigiri(Sushi) VS Sashimi

-Nigiri is a type of sushi that has vinegar rice as the base topped with a thin slice of raw fish

-Sashimi is thinly sliced raw fish served with ginger and wasabi on the side

  • Regular Roll VS Hand Roll

-Roll is called Maki in Japan. It’s rolled with seafood and other ingredient inside that is wrapped inside seaweed then cut into 6 or 8 pieces.

-Hand roll is called Tamaki in Japan. It is in the shape of a long tube or cylinder shape that is filled with rice, fish and other ingredient wrapped inside of seaweed.

All sushi rolls or nigiri should come with ginger and wasabi on the side of your plate. Using chopsticks while eating sushi is not required but do try to eat your sushi roll in one bite to get the full experience!

Travel Alone

Have you ever thought about taking a road trip to somewhere new this summer? Have you ever thought about taking a personal vacation? How about a personal getaway trip by yourself?

Well, If I can achieve it, you could too!

Traveling will always be a hobby of mine if money wasn’t an issue, therefore, after finishing a lengthy spring semester, I have decided to take a personal road trip down to Atlanta, Georgia for three days.

Personal Road trips alone will not only challenge you but it will also help to figure out the stronger side in you that you never thought existed.

  • Be Independent throughout the trip

There will not be any help offered by people around you. You are your self’s only helper. Since it’s a road trip, driving does play a big role, and learning how to avoid stupid drivers and be safe by yourself is key.

  • No People No Stress

This is NOT one of those college Spring Break vacation with five people cramped in the car. There is only you in the car throughout this whole vacation. You are your self’s assistant. Able to manage your time however it’s most convenient for you.

  • New Atmosphere; New Mood

The feeling of being somewhere new and different by yourself could change you and make you realize to view the world in different perspectives.

Personal vacations help you to explore who you are, what you are capable of. Taking a trip alone calls for relaxation, quietness and stress free.

Foreign Film Suggestion-Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons

Maybe you are tired of watching those same HBO or Netflix movies for this summer? So, why not try something new? Something completely different, like a famous foreign film?

Background of the movie:

The Movie “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demon” is a comedy fantasy film that was co-written, produced and directed in China. This movie’s main character has re-interpreted from an original Chinese novel that was later made into series of movie called the “Journey to the West”. 

Main Characters and their relationship:

  • Sanzang and Duan are both demon hunters but they have their own ways of capturing these demons. Sanzang want to use more of a softer approach such as using his nursery rhymes to bring out the goodness out of these demons but Duan tends to use tactics that are more straightforward and uses her bracelet that contains different powers to fight these demons to capture them.

  • Later on in the movie, Sanzang and Duan have to work together as a team to kill this “pig demon” and they experienced building collapses, and from this experience Duan saw how kind and selfless Sanzang could be and wishes to be his other half but Sanzang refuses and ran away.
  • The relationship Sanzang and Duan presented are representing a romantic relationship. And in the end after Sanzang finally realized how sorry and stubborn he was, but it was all too late since Duan was no longer there.


Living with Broken English

As of June 6, 2017. It officially marks my 10th year living in Louisville, Kentucky; I was only 12 years old when I moved to America with my mother. There had been a lot of struggles we had to face within these ten years but without a doubt, language was the hardest struggle out of it all…

It’s hard to explain my very first year in the states now after how much I have accomplished over the years. But do you know that feeling of wanting to be part of a group, yet you just can’t seem to be accepted since nobody in the group has enough patience to translate for you…

Since I was young, I learn and catch up faster onto English than my mother, who only stayed home with her English book along with once a week English class. With that being said, there are some pros and cons when your parents speak broken English.


  • Parents do not have a firm understanding of what’s being said between you and your friend. So, it’s allowed to talk about what happened that one Friday night in front of them.
  • Consistently being used as their translator, I see it as practices for both my Chinese and English. It will also make me encourage myself in learning new ways to explain or translate without causing any confusion to them.


  • Whenever I’m trying to clarify something important to them in English since it won’t make any sense if you translate it in Chinese.
  • Seeing them have struggles on the phone with Insurance companies, cellular phone companies and health care companies due to their accent.

Must Try Starbucks Summer Secret Drinks

With summer peaking its head into our lives, not only will we need to prepare for an adventurous and relaxing summer! Additionally! we need to try these DELISH Starbucks summer drinks to cool us down…


  • Sweet N’ Sour Summer Splashes

-Choose from Berry Hibiscus or Cool Lime Refresher flavors OR mix these two flavors.

-It’s mixed with lemonade instead of water then blended into a Frappuccino.

-A great simple, cool looking summer refresher drink~~

*P.S. Make these cold ice drinks into slushies if needed!


  • The Purple Drink

-Most of us have probably either heard or tried the pink drink last summer, how about the purple drink for summer 2017?

-It contains passion iced tea as its main component mixing it with soy milk with a splash of vanilla syrup and then top it off with some good lookin berries.

*P.S. Ask your barista to mix the Pink Drink and the Purple Drink together to get the ombré iced beverage look!


  • Raspberry Caramel Macchiato

If you love the regular Caramel Macchiato then you should give this colorful drink a try!

The only substance that’s changed was the syrup in the drink. Instead of the basic vanilla syrup found on the bottom of the drink, its raspberry syrup! So, not a big change to adapt!

This tiny change in syrup will not only give the drink a completely different look but also a completely different flavor as well.